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The Classic "I" Style

Highlights of the "Influence" Style (as a Co-Worker)

Emphasis: You tend to shape the environment around you by persuading and influencing others.

Tendencies –
  • Verbalizes articulately

  • Makes favorable impression

  • Optimistic

  • Creates motivational environment

  • Generates enthusiasm

  • Emotional

  • People-oriented

Motivated by –
Primary Goals
  • Approval

  • Popularity

  • When in conflict: you tend to want acknowledgment

  • Involvement with people

  • Opportunities to verbalize

  • Having fun while getting things done

  • Public recognition

Fears –
  • Rejection (loss of social acceptance or approval)

  • Not being heard

Value to team –
  • Tries to be available for others

  • Good at persuading and inspiring others

  • Spreads enthusiasm and positive attitude to others

  • Easily gives positive feedback to co-workers and colleagues

  • Has energy and enthusiasm

  • Interacts comfortably with many different people

Limitations –
  • Can be disorganized

  • Can appear superficial in approach to detail

  • May over-promise and lack of follow-through

Highlights of the "Influence" Style (as a Manager)

If you are an I-style manager, you may have these tendencies:


Strengths –

You tend to...

  • have an open-door policy

  • give your time easily to those you direct

  • be good at inspiring others

  • be enthusiastic

  • give a lot of positive feedback and deliver negative feedback in a positive way

Limitations –


You may...

  • not be detailed enough in your direction

  • be superficial in your approach

  • lack follow through

Development Priorities –

You may be more effective as a manager by...

  • being more specific in praise and work direction

  • listening better to what your people really need

  • becoming more organized

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