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Our Workshops

Our foundational leadership curriculum includes these three workshops:

Leadership and the Middle Path

This foundational workshop—two intensive days of hands-on activities, engaging exercises, and more—helps you develop essential mindsets, tools, and frameworks for effective leadership.


You’ll learn and practice simple, actionable techniques for mastering these critical leadership skills:


  • Solving problems collaboratively

  • Making better decisions

  • Running better meetings

  • Forming stronger agreements

  • Handling conflict productively

This two-day program is offered to both corporate groups and the general public.

For more details on the public version of Leadership and the Middle Path, visit this page.

Leading One-to-One

Leading One-to-One teaches you actionable strategies and practices for developing your team members.


Through two days of hands-on exercises, group discussion and activities, you will learn and practice the essential skills for helping others reach their full potential:

  • Recognize, understand, and work effectively with others with different work styles

  • Delegate productively

  • Give feedback constructively

  • Coach in long-game situations (e.g., career development conversations)

  • Help others develop the problem-solving and communication skills taught in Leadership and the Middle Path

For more on Leading One-to-One, visit this page.

Leading Teams

Building on the skills learned in the first two workshops, Leading Teams helps new managers develop these critical team leadership skills:

  • Manage by mission

  • Develop a team charter

  • Understand basic team psycho-dynamics

  • Assess team effectiveness

  • Diagnose and solve team problems

  • Develop a team

In this one-day workshop, you will immediately start practicing new leadership concepts and frameworks by applying them to real-life situations from your workplace. You will also reinforce and refine these new skills in a follow-up review session four to six weeks after the workshop.

For more on Leading Teams, visit this page.

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