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My Workshops

The workshops of my leadership curriculum—Leadership and the Middle Path, Leading One-to-One, and Leading Teams—help new managers build a core set of foundational leadership skills.


They learn essential frameworks and skills for leading; they learn how to coach others (i.e., enabling effective problem-solving in others); and they develop skills for managing teams, respectively.

Leadership and the Middle Path

This foundational workshop—two intensive days of hands-on activities, engaging exercises, and more—helps new and emerging managers develop the essential mindsets, tools, and frameworks for they need to be effective leaders.


They learn and practice simple, actionable techniques for mastering these critical leadership skills (how to):


  • Think systemically

  • Solve problems collaboratively

  • Make better decisions

  • Avoid common "traps" that block collaboration

  • Form strong agreements

  • Hold others accountable

  • Handle conflict productively

I typically run this two-day workshop internally for start-ups and other relatively small businesses, but also offer an online public version of it quarterly.

For more on the public version of Leadership and the Middle Path, visit this page.

Practice Sessions

All of my foundational workshops are accompanied by follow-up/practice sessions.

These sessions not only help new managers integrate the frameworks we teach into their day-to-day lives, they also help them build peer-coaching skills—a practice widely recognized as having impacts, both individually and organizationally, that exceed what’s possible in one-to-one coaching. (See, for example, HBR's The Surprising Power of Peer Coaching. or this summary post on LinkedIn, complete with recommendations.)

Leading One-to-One

Leading One-to-One is for new and emerging managers who often find themselves in coaching situations. It helps them build actionable strategies and practices for developing their team members.


Through two days of hands-on exercises, group discussion and activities, they learn and practice essential skills for helping others reach their full potential (how to):

  • Recognize, understand, and work effectively with others—especially others with different work styles

  • Set goals and delegate productively

  • Give feedback constructively

  • Hold performance management conversations

  • Coach in long-game situations (e.g., hold career development conversations)

  • Help others develop the problem-solving and communication skills taught in Leadership and the Middle Path

For more on Leading One-to-One, visit this page.

Leading Teams

Building on the skills learned in the first two workshops, Leading Teams helps new managers develop these critical team-leadership skills (how to):

  • Manage by mission

  • Develop a team

  • Understand basic team psycho-dynamics

  • Assess team effectiveness

  • Diagnose and intervene in team problems

  • Run effective meetings

  • Manage a team

In this one-day workshop, participants learn and practice leadership concepts and frameworks by applying them to real-life situations from their workplace. They also, as with all my leadership workshops, receive reinforcement and opportunity to refine these new skills in a follow-up practice session four- to six-weeks after the workshop.

For more on Leading Teams, visit this page.

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