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The Classic "C" Style

Highlights of the "Conscientious" Style (as a Co-Worker)

Emphasis: You tend to like to work within circumstances to ensure quality and accuracy.

Tendencies –
  • Precision

  • Focus on quality

  • Sensitive

  • Thinks critically and logically

  • Compliance with organizations and people they respect

Motivated by –
Primary Goals
  • Accuracy

  • Objective processes

  • When in conflict: tends to desire justice

  • Precision

  • Likes setting and meeting high standards

  • Opportunities to analyze and assess

  • Likes logical, systematic approaches to work

Fears –
  • Being wrong

  • Lack of standards

Value to the team –
  • Anticipates problems, intuitive about events

  • Certain to follow high standards of quality and accuracy

  • Diplomatic

  • Good with data collection and analysis

  • Naturally inclined to research and seek evidence

Limitations –
  • Can be overly concerned with perfection

  • Can be overly critical of self and others

  • Becomes indecisive

  • May withdraw and devise own plan of action

  • May need many explanations

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Highlights of the "Conscientious" Style (as a Manager)

If you are a classic C-style manager, you may have these tendencies:


Strengths –

You tend to be...

  • fair to everyone

  • interested in having and following standards

  • conscientious

  • willing to pitch in and do the same work as your direct reports

  • accurate

  • able to keep confidences

Limitations –

You may...

  • be overly concerned with perfection

  • be aloof

  • hamper creativity in others with your desire to stick to the rules

Development Priorities –

You may be more effective as a manager by...

  • being better at accepting differences

  • talking more with those you direct

  • encouraging creativity in others

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