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Leading One-to-One

A Professional Development Workshop for Manager-Coaches

About the Workshop

This two-day program (four half-days if held virtually) is for managers who influence or coach others. It's designed for technical leaders (e.g., engineers, technical managers, project managers) who regularly delegate, provide feedback and/or coach others (i.e., help others learn to solve problems collaboratively).


It builds on the foundation laid in Leadership and the Middle Path and helps participants develop one-to-one helping/coaching skills.


The program helps participants…

  • Recognize, understand, and work effectively with others who have different work styles. (Participants complete a DiSC inventory and receive a comprehensive DiSC profile and job-aid to help them gain insights in this area.)

  • Delegate productively

  • Give feedback

  • Coach in long-game situations (e.g., career development conversations)

  • Help others develop skills taught in Leadership and the Middle Path (e.g., how to think systemically, get out of common mental “traps,” solve knotty problems, have better difficult conversations, make better decisions, balance inquiry and advocacy)

As in the previous program, participants bring real-life situations/issues they are working on to the program. We apply the concepts, principles and frameworks taught in the class to those situations—we do that in class and then again, four- to six-weeks later, in follow-up practice sessions.

For more information about bringing this program to your organization, contact us today.

Public Workshop

I have an online, public version of this program planned for the following dates (all dates are 2024,  all times are 8:00a–12:30p (Pacific)):

Day One –

Day Two –

Day Three –

Day Four –

Thursday, May 16

Friday, May 17

Thursday May 23

Thursday May 24

A registration link is coming soon. If you would like to join us, please contact me ASAP.

Please note:

  • This is a virtual workshop held via Zoom. It takes place over the course of four half-days.

  • Completion of Leadership and the Middle Path is a prerequisite for participation.

  • The fee for the workshop is $1,750. A deposit of $500 is required to reserve a seat. If cost is a concern for you, contact me. Discounts are available, but only for a limited time.

  • To help you gain greater mastery over the skills taught in the program, we strongly recommend a follow-up practice session with me and a few of your fellow workshop attendees. This practice session is included in the price of the program and typically takes place four to six weeks after the workshop. We’ll give you more details during the workshop.

For more information on our leadership curriculum, visit this page​. 

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