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The Classic "D" Style

Highlights of the "Dominance" Style (as a Co-Worker)

Emphasis: You tend to shape the environment around you by overcoming opposition and challenges.

Tendencies –
  • Gets immediate results

  • Desires/likes change

  • Causes action

  • Accepts challenges

  • Questions the status quo

  • Fast-paced

Motivated by –
Primary Goals
  • Bottom-line results

  • Control

  • When in conflict: you tend to want victory

  • New opportunities

  • Power and authority

  • Opportunity for individual accomplishment

Fears –
  • Being taken advantage of

  • Appearing weak


Value to team –
  • Have high ego-strength

  • Can make a decision when no one else wants to

  • Not afraid to confront tough issues and situations

  • Accepts change as an inevitable personal challenge

  • Keeps the team focused on results

  • Makes decisions quickly

  • Willing to take calculated risks


Limitations –
  • May seem unapproachable

  • Under pressure may become impatient and demanding

  • Needs direct answers

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Highlights of the Dominance Style (as a Manager)

If you are a D-style manager, you may have these tendencies:

Strengths –

You are...

  • comfortable in a leadership role

  • a quick decision-maker

  • direct, so people always know where they stand with you

  • good at solving problems

  • good at accepting challenges

Limitations –


You may...

  • seem intimidating

  • be insensitive to others

  • be impatient with others


Development Priorities–

You may be more effective as a manager by...

  • developing more patience

  • toning down your directness and asking more questions

  • spending more time with those you direct

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