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Success Stories from My Clients

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"My team now has a shared language for solving problems, and tools for having more ‘data-rich’ conversations. I use Russ' Middle Path frameworks daily and recommend them highly."

Peter Bui

Senior Software Engineer


To hear Peter talk about the value of Leadership and the Middle Path at Patreon, see his video testimonials.

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"I found Russ's frameworks for solving problems and navigating challenging discussions to be incredibly valuable. If you are looking to enhance your leadership abilities, solve problems more effectively, and have more productive conversations, I highly recommend connecting with Russ and exploring his Middle Path leadership workshops."

Amar Virk

Product Lead


ajara headshot.png

"Leadership and the Middle Path has helped me prepare for and hold more productive discussions. I not only have greater confidence to initiate them, I'm also better equipped to navigate them once started."

Ajara Safko

Senior Scientist

Ubiquitous Energy

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"I am a business owner who is growing my team, and I decided to hire Russ, as a coach, to sharpen my leadership skills. Working with Russ, I learned how to better manage my team, listen more actively, and be a better leader. I am so grateful for the work I did with Russ, and I recommend him highly!"

Ashley Gomez


Digital Twinners

msowers headshot.png

"Russ is concise and the practice segments are effective; I absorbed new concepts and developed new skills quickly. If you are looking for a high-integrity and consistent framework for approaching negotiations of all kinds, I recommend Leadership and the Middle Path."

Mark Sowers

Project Manager

Fairweather & Associates

To hear Mark talk about the value of Leadership and the Middle Path, see his video testimonials.

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"We've seen a significant increase in employee engagement as a result of our work with Russ and his team. I highly recommend him!"

Barbara Jamelli-Sefchik

Senior Director, Global Career Development



"I was looking for a comprehensive set of tools and frameworks to help me understand and address the root causes of problems... I found just such a set in Leadership and the Middle Path. It’s helped me navigate difficult situations and generate better solutions in both team and cross-team settings. If you’re a leader—even a leader with extensive management experience—and would like to take your skills to the next level, I highly recommend this workshop.."

Leo Meira

Engineering Manager

Pearl Health



"I love that Leadership and the Middle Path calls out familiar but sometimes inscrutable traps we fall into in important conversations and problem solving. It unravels the complex mental processes needed for effective conversations, and includes enough practice and support to enable the leader to own the skills by the end of the program."

Mary Anne Rasmussen


Rasmussen Consulting


To hear Mary Anne talk about the value of Leadership and the Middle Path for her and her consulting clients, see her video testimonials.

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"I highly recommend Leadership and the Middle Path. It offers powerful frameworks for analyzing and addressing problems in human systems."

John Wickson

Chief Strategy and Planning Officer

Current Aviation


"I hired Russ to help us on a performance improvement project. He and his team were easy to work with and produced outstanding results. I would not hesitate to hire him again."

Trudie Folsom

Director, Customer and Partner Training



“Russ has a highly-disciplined approach to design and a learner-centric approach to facilitation. This combination differentiates him from many in this field. I endorse him without reservation."

Chris Holmberg


Middle Path Consulting


"Russ is an excellent coach who brings relevant information, useful insights, and viable strategies for success. I highly recommend him."

Debra Behrens

Assistant Director, Career and Professional Development

Univ. of California, Berkeley


“I found Leadership and the Middle Path valuable—personally and professionally. It offers useful tools for solving problems and navigating common challenges. I highly recommend it."

Zaki Shafi

Analytical Chemist

Merck Animal Health


"Russ has been an invaluable resource and played a key role in the development of our organization."

Susan Hollingshead

Chief People and Corporate Services Officer



"Impressive. Innovative. Effective. We are in a much better place thanks to Russ' work with our operations team. I recommend him to anyone eager to communicate more clearly and work more effectively."

Tony MacNeill

Senior Manager, Human Resources



"Mindful of your needs and business goals! You'll quickly see Russ as a strategic partner, not 'just another vendor.'"

Enzo Silva

Senior Learning Strategist, UX Product Owner



"The outputs of Russ' work with our team exceeded our expectations. His expertise is vast and his integrity high. To make the most of your training initiatives, include him among your advisors."

Kathryn Swartz

Chief Executive Officer

Solar Energy International


"An excellent thought partner, with a wonderful combination of wit, creativity and intuition. Russ brings people together for productive work sessions and builds consensus seemingly without effort."

Deborah Klein

Senior Instructional Designer, Consultant

U.S. Coast Guard

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Leadership and the Middle Path, the foundational workshop in my curriculum, helps new and emerging managers build the collaborative problem-solving skills they need to be effective leaders. These skills help them and their organizations save time, promote good-will, and increase profits—often to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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