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Development of Leadership and Problem-Solving Skills

An American online publishing company, a start-up known for their online social journalism platform, was looking for two things: they wanted to build leadership skills across the organization and help their workforce learn to solve problems more effectively.


In particular, they wanted to help employees become better systems-thinkers who could see not just the problem in front of them, but also the human systems at play all around them.


They also, again in the service of problem-solving, wanted to help employees improve their communications skills.

They asked Russ Powell Consulting to help them accomplish this.

Working under the guidance of Chris Holmberg of Middle Path Consulting, we used a combination of one-on-one coaching, workshops (virtual workshops during the COVID-19 pandemic) and follow-up practice sessions to help members of the workforce learn and use essential leadership concepts and principles.

The Middle Path leadership program helps individuals and organizations:

  • Develop systems-thinking mindsets

  • Have productive conversations

  • Employ a universal four-step problem-solving model

  • Avoid common traps that humans tend to fall into when solving problems

  • Share a common set of mental models that encourage openness, accountability and integral thinking

  • Solve real problems in the work environment

Feedback from leaders in the organization have reported near universal satisfaction with the results of these programs. Participants regularly report valuable insights, motivation to change, more effective conversations (especially difficult conversations), and more effective problem-solving efforts.

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