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Brené Brown – What's the Difference between Empathy and Sympathy?
Victor Frankl – Youth in Search of Meaning

Researcher and best-selling author, Brené Brown, offers valuable insights on the differences between empathy and sympathy. She reminds us that genuine empathic connections require courage.

Psychiatrist, philosopher and Holocaust survivor, Victor Frankl, speaks to students about the importance of our search for meaning and a way to help others become their best selves.

(1) The Gap
(2) The Hero's Journey Intro and the Knower Trap

Chris Holmberg, creator of Leadership and the Middle Path, explains the dissatisfaction gap, and the importance of making changes not at the level of knowing, but at the level of being.

Chris Holmberg, creator of Leadership and the Middle Path, introduces the Hero’s Journey and explains the first of the three traps we tend to fall into when solving problems.

(3) The Victim Trap
(4) The Sucker's Choice and the Completion of the Journey

Chris Holmberg, creator of Leadership and the Middle Path, explains the Victim Trap, the importance of mutual accountability, and how we can use language to get out of the trap.

Chris Holmberg, creator of Leadership and the Middle Path, explains the sucker's choice and talks about facing our internal enemies, wining and success and the completion of the hero's journey.

(5) Problem Solving and the Hero's Journey – Sensing and Seeking

Chris Holmberg, creator of Leadership and the Middle Path, simplifies the hero’s journey and maps it to a powerful four-step problem-solving model—sensing, seeking, solving and starting.

Maya Angelou – On Winning and Success

Maya Angelou talks about what it means to "just do right" and offers advice on how to live in a way that both satisfies your soul and makes the world a better place—right where you are. 

"Whoa. That's Not Good" – The Victim Trap
The Hero's Journey – An Introduction

A brilliant commercial from Ogilvy shows two people stuck in the victim trap. We laugh or smile at them, and yet metaphorically how often do we get stuck in situations of this nature?

Author and speaker Matthew Winkler and his team of animators offer a fantastic summary of the hero's journey and it's application to our lives.

The Hero's Journey as Illustrated in the Original Star Wars Film
Moyers and Campbell on Mythology, the Major Religions and Star Wars

A brilliant primer on the Hero's Journey, this video shows how the narrative structure of the Hero's Journey was used in the original Star Wars film (Ep IV, A New Hope).

Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell discuss mythology, the three major religions and the influence of the hero's journey on George Lucas' Star Wars (Episode IV).

Winning, Success and the Barcelona-Story
Sherry Turkle – On "Reclaiming Conversation"

When thinking about winning and success—where 'winning' is defined as a focus on outcomes and 'success' is about how I choose to conduct myself—Derek Redmond's Barcelona-story has a lot to offer.

Clinical psychologist, Sherry Turkle, makes a compelling case that children develop better, students learn better and employees perform better when their mentors set good examples and carve out spaces for face-to-face interactions.

Coach John Wooden on Winning and Success
Brené Brown – On Vulnerability

He's a bit rapid-fire in his delivery at times, and yet with profound simplicity, John Wooden (inimitable, record-setting coach of UCLA Bruins) offers a new way to think about success and encourages us to seek the best in ourselves and others.

Brené Brown on the importance of human connection. In this poignant and entertaining talk, she emphasizes our collective need to be seen and heard, and to know and believe that we are enough.

Henry V – Saint Crispin's Day Speech
Inside Man – The Sucker's Choice

When looking for inspiration on how to communicate about vision, mission, values or purpose, it's hard to find a better example than Shakespeare's Henry V preparing his men for battle. This video starts with his pre-speech soliloquy.

A clip from the movie Inside Man shows two characters who have chosen power over principle, and placed their shadow values ahead of doing what’s right.

Penn & Teller Lure Us Into the Knower Trap Again (#1)

In an episode of the series Bullsh*t, while examining some alternative medical practices, Penn & Teller show (in graphic detail) how human blood responds to a strong magnetic field.

Penn & Teller Lure Us into the Knower Trap Again (#2)

In a trick designed for a Saturday Night Live (SNL) audience, Penn & Teller perform some brilliant magic and lure us once again into the #knowertrap -- blindness caused by certainty.

Simon Sinek on Leadership and Discipline in the Small Things

In an interview with Tom Bilyeu of Inside Quest, Simon Sinek explains how consistency in leadership practices (i.e., the small things we do, our daily habits and activities) often matter far more than intensity.

William Ury - The walk from "No" to "Yes"

William Ury, author of "Getting to Yes," offers an elegant, simple (but not easy) way to create agreement in even the most difficult situations -- from family conflict to, perhaps, the Middle East.

Adam Grant - Adam Grant: How to Stop Languishing and Start Finding Flow

Organizational psychologist, Adam Grant, breaks down the key indicators of languishing and presents three ways to escape that "meh" feeling and start finding your flow.

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