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Team Development

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” –Michael Jordan


A high-performing team is an asset of value beyond measure. Start-up investors, for example, often value the quality of the team and the relationships between and among founding members more than the start-up idea itself.

From team assessments to practical operational models to leadership coaching, look to Russ Powell Consulting as a strategic partner in the development of your teams.

Manager Development

The need for management development is urgent. To survive in today’s complex, volatile, uncertain and ambiguous business environment, you need strong managers—leaders who can think and function multi-dimensionally.


Managers today must be able to consider and "juggle" not only the technical processes and outputs of their teams, but also the interactions between and among team members, and their own personal energy, attitudes and beliefs.

Let us help you assess and develop your managers.


"The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them—glory and danger alike—and yet, notwithstanding, they go out to meet it." –Thucydides, early Greek historian


Sometimes we all need a little help along the way, some personal attention to assist us in crossing a threshold, working through a transition, changing a habit, or developing a new skill.


Lean on Russ Powell Consulting for virtual coaching services for your top performeers.

Training for Leaders of Virtual Meetings

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has forced many of us into work-from-home, virtual business environments.


Running effective meetings and presentations were challenging before COVID-19. Now it's even moreso.

The staff at Russ Powell Consulting has helped organizations run more effective meetings, training programs and "offsites" in virtual environments for decades.

Let us help you and your leaders learn to run better virtual meetings. Contact us today.

Creative Support

“Creativity takes courage.”

– Henri Matisse

From infographics to whiteboard videos, from document design to PowerPoint templates, from audio editing to game design—whatever your creative need, the RPC team's got you covered.


Having spent quotes two decades in the design and development of training programs and instructional support tools, RPC has developed an extensive network of talented creatives—experts in technical writing, graphic design, job aid design, and multimedia (e.g., video, whiteboard videos, audio recording and editing, etc.).

Contact us today to learn more.

Speaking, Keynote Addresses

As a speaker, Russ Powell has a reputation for being insightful and humorous—"part scholar, part humanist, part comedian." It doesn't hurt that while in college, Russ honed his audience-engagement skills while working as a professional juggler.

He offers keynotes and classes on:

  • Management development

  • Instructional design

  • Business writing

  • Project management

  • Teaching your team how to juggle

  • Teambuilding w/ DiSC and MBTI

  • Public speaking

  • Running effective meetings


Contact RPC today to learn more.



About Russ Powell Consulting


Founded in 2010, Russ Powell Consulting grew out of the work of veteran performance improvement consultant Russ Powell.

After working for over 20 years as a training and

performance improvement consultant, Russ decided to focus his efforts on the building and development of work teams and their leaders.

Russ Powell Consulting is founded on three principles. High-performing teams have:

  1. Managers who think systemically—They recognize that they are part of an interdependent, complex system, and they take that into account when analyzing, planning and executing.

  2. Members who are disciplined—in thought, word and action. The best teams are comprised of disciplined people who think rigorously before taking disciplined action.

  3. Access to the right information and the right resources—including clarity on performance expectations, feedback, agreements between and among each other, and clear processes and procedures.

About Russ Powell


Russ began his career in hospitality and then moved to a global telecommunications company where he developed a reputation as a skillful training consultant and helped

leaders in sales and customer service find more and better ways to win against their competitors.

Over the course of his career, Russ has helped workteams in such notable organizations as Roche, Genentech, Delta Airlines, The United States Coast Guard, Sun Microsystems (now part of Oracle), SAP, SuccessFactors, Coca-Cola, Marriott, Hilton Worldwide and Presidio Graduate School ahcieve more and better outputs for their organziations. Along the way, he and his teams have won awards of excellence from The International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) and Brandon Hall Research

Today, Russ and his partners continue to help work  teams find new and better ways to achieve desired results for their organizations.


Russ' educational background in the behavioral  sciences, coupled with decades of practical experience helping managers and teams in Fortune 500 companies design and develop performance improvement interventions, makes him uniquely qualified to work with individuals, teams and organizations. As one of his clients wrote, "Russ has a highly-disciplined approached to design and a human-centric approach to facilitation. The combination of these traits differentiates him from many in this field. He has impeccable character and is a pleasure to work with. I endorse them without reservation.”

Russ holds degrees from Georgia State University and Loyola University. He lives near San Francisco, California, and is an avid musician, juggler and photographer.


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