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Essential Post-GDPR Behavior Changes


The Situation

A German-based European multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software, needed to respond to process and technology changes required by the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

They planned to extend the level of privacy and protection demanded by the GDPR to the 180+ countries in which they operate.

In order to do this, they had to first build awareness around new behaviors that would be required of all their customer-facing workers and sales operations teams—behaviors that would help them comply with the new standards. They had decided to supplement a larger, related, organization-wide change initiative with online training and performance-support tools.

At the start of the project they had developed two documents that might serve as reference materials and recruited a few internal subject matter experts (SMEs) to support the effort.


Our Actions


Russ Powell Consulting (RPC) worked closely with the client to explore and understand requirements and standards against which success would be measured.

There were several important requirements uncovered during the contracting phase. They included the following:

  •     The user experience must be relevant and useful to audience.

  •     The legalese-ridden reference material must be made accessible, easy-to-read.

  •     Users must be able to find and understand core concepts, principles, and new, required behaviors quickly.

To address needs for relevancy and ease-of-use, we re-wrote the legalistic content and incorporated it into a highly-readable script. This script went through several iterations to (a) make it easy for readers to understand and (b) keep it true to the the intentions of the SMEs who wrote the original reference documents.

To make the program engaging, we used a story-telling approach that coupled professionally-recorded voice-over with “whiteboard” video illustrations. These “scenarios” offered recommendations for how to respond in the most common situations in which customer-facing employees were likely to find themselves.

All components were developed and stitched together in a SCORM-compliant package using standard eLearning development tools such as Camtasia, VideoScribe, Articulate Storyline and InDesign.

Screenshot of scenario video


The Results

The output of this project was a highly-interactive eLearning module that offered six common scenarios and recommendations for how to respond in each situation. It also contained a visually-engaging one-page infographic/job-aid that summarized important concepts, principles and behaviors covered in the module.

Stakeholders in the project were thrilled with the results and stated unequivocally that outputs offered significant value toward enabling new behaviors required of customer-facing employees.

One of the key stakeholders stated, “The program  exceeded our expectations—it’s very engaging and offers relevant and realistic scenarios. We expect to get the full value from our investment. I highly recommend RPC for projects of this nature.”

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