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Healthcare, Biotech, Project Management

A multinational healthcare company was looking for help integrating the processes and practices of two engineering organizations that had recently merged.


We were hired to help about a dozen subject matter experts—senior leaders who were managing an annual project portfolio of roughly $500 million—capture and communicate project management guidelines and then ensure that those guidelines were implemented across the organization.

We worked closely with each leader to help them refine guidelines for their particular area of expertise. We also created performance support tools (e.g., job-aids) to help them distribute and explain the guidelines to a global audience.

As reported by project stakeholders, our work led to an increase in projects that were executed on time, in budget and within scope. This work also led to improvements in efficiency and timely compliance with new regulations.

One of our stakeholders remarked, “This was a large, complex, highly visible and time-starved project. We succeeded in part due to RPC's structured, creative and elegant approach. They are amazingly productive and at the same time able to focus on those few key performances that help people get up-to-speed without wasting their time.


"On a personal note, Russ is fun and stimulating to work with. He knows his craft so well that we could address logistical, tactical and strategic issues altogether. In addition, he has a knack for engaging people. Some integration efforts are met with skepticism and delay, which can destroy anticipated gains. Russ' engagement of SMEs and the quality of his results created enthusiasm and confidence for the program."

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