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Financial Services

Risk Reduction, Error Minimization

The Situation

One of the largest credit union SBA lenders in the U.S. was looking for ways to minimize errors, reduce risks and provide just-in-time performance support to their workforce.

Our Actions

After gathering critical information from key leaders in the organization, Russ Powell Consulting worked with a team of internal performance consultants and other key influencers to help them learn how to design, develop and implement what we affectionately refer to as "damn good job aids."


We helped the internal consultants explore and understand key concepts and principles in human performance technology (HPT) and ways to apply them.


We then taught our seven-step process for developing and implementing job-aids. These essential performance support tools help organizations save time, reduce risk and minimize errors by doing the following:

  • providing relevant performance support at time-of-need

  • simplifying work processes

  • reducing the need to recall information

The Results

Six months after the program, participants and other leaders in the organization reported:

  • increases in proficiency of up to 25%

  • faster ramp-up times (of up to 20%) when bringing new employees up-to-speed on new procedures

  • reductions in errors of up to 10%

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